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Echuca Travel Centre's travel blog has been written by the staff thoughtfully to entertain and inspire you to see the world around us. Collectively we have travelled far and wide! All of the stories you read have either happened to us or happened to one of our happy clients. If you would like to post a blog about your recent Echuca Travel Centre experience please let us know and we can work with you to create a beautiful piece of writing with some fantastic photos to go with it. We hope that you enjoy reading about our travel experiences as much as we enjoyed making them and are able to find some inspiration to craft your own stories in the distant corners of the globe.

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Why book with a travel agent?

Its a common and fair question that we get asked all too often, "Why should I book with a Travel Agent?". In the modern world with numerous online booking platforms, some people think that Travel Agents are no longer needed - and yet we're still here. But why?

Find out here.