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If you've landed here, you're probably one of those people who thinks that tours are not for you. I used to agree that there could be nothing worse than becoming 'one in a crowd' whizzing past amazing destinations and only spending a few minutes there before getting back on a squishy bus and going to the next place. Boy was I wrong.

By now I've travelled in a whole bunch of different styles. I've cruised on big ships, I've sailed on intimate vessels, I've driven myself thousands of kilometres in short amounts of time, I've travelled by rail, I've been to new cities with no idea where I'd be sleeping next, I've camped, spent nights in backpackers, slept in luxury hotels, and yet, I'll always come back to tours.

Here's why.




I couldn't count the amount of times that I've come home from a trip and somebody has said "did you do..." and I had never heard of it. When you go on a tour, your guide not only takes you to extraordinary places but there are so many things that you will see and do that aren't even listed in your itinerary. Whether it be the best Thursday night bar, the amazing cliff jumping location or an old historic site that you would normally just wander past not knowing any better.



When you arrive into a new city after a long flight do you really feel like spending time signing forms and inspecting your hire car before you are free to go out and get lost in the heavy traffic of a foreign city with totally different road rules? Yeah, me neither. Tours get you where you need to go, when you need to get there. They know when the traffic will be bad, which roads to take and where to park when you get there. Plus the ride can be pretty fun too! Sit back and enjoy it.



Travel is a great way to meet new people from Australia and around the world. That's a fact that's been around forever and the people you will meet are usually pretty friggin awesome.While you're travelling, you'll be surrounded by others who share the same values as you and often have similar interests but are still different enough that you can learn from them. The conversations will never be dull because you'll always be doing something incredible that you can talk and laugh about. Much better than trying to meet people in a bar and have to say goodbye the next day when your plans don't match up.



Where do you eat the best gelato in Sicily? What about the best pint in London? Why do people run with the bulls? What's the Wi-Fi password? Where can I do laundry cheaper than this hotel? What's the chef's specialty here? Anything you need to know, your guide can tell you. Anything.


You'd have to be a crazy person to rather wander the streets for hours going from one hotel to another only to end up at some dump out of town that fits your budget and isn't already booked out. Hotels on tours are clean, comfortable and conveniently located in the heart of the action! Now that helps me sleep at night.



There is a lot to worry about when you're travelling, especially if you're going solo. Group travel can help you navigate airports, avoid dodgy parts of town, warn you about local scams and ensure that you are safe all the time. I'm sure you're not too worried about this, but your mum probably is.



People often think that you have to stick with the group all of the time. That's not true. Usually you'll want to because everybody in your group is awesome but you're free to go off and do your own thing whenever you want, just be back at the bus on time or you will probably be left behind. If you arrive in a new city and you don't know what to do, you'll often be given choices of optional activities which can help you see exactly what you want to see (even though you didn't know you wanted to see it!)



By the time you organise your accommodation, transport, fuel, meals and inclusions you will spend more money going on your own than with a group. Obviously this is only true if you stay at similar hotels in great locations not in grubby backpackers filled with bed bugs miles from anything - yep, I can confirm that's a thing.


I guess what I'm trying to say is that tours don't deserve the bad wrap that they get all the time. I'd much rather go on a holiday, turn off my thinking brain and truly live in the moment embracing all the things that make travel delightful and I think you should consider it for your next holiday.


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