Travel Bank

Go on holiday and help your club at the same time

Echuca Travel Bank is a special promotion designed by Echuca Travel Centre to help support sporting clubs, local groups and businesses within the community. This mutually beneficial initiative is designed to raise funds for your club while also increasing business within our store.

How it works:

Every time a club member books a holiday with Echuca Travel Centre, a special donation will be made back to the Club! This means you have huge potential to gain extra funds for doing very little in return.

Boost your bonuses:

The best way to increase the monthly bonuses for your club is by simply reminding your members what to do. To get the message out there we recommend that you use a combination of your existing communication channels.

These may include:

- Posters

- Outdoor Signage

- Newsletters (Digital & Print)

- Brochures

- Flyers

- Social Media

- Direct Mail

- Events

How we can help:

So far this program sounds like an easy and effective way to make your club some extra funds, right? Well we are prepared to make it even easier for you!

Echuca Travel Centre can develop, write and design all marketing and communications collateral required to educate and promote the benefits of Travel Bank to club members, while providing exclusive travel offers.

We can also help organise and run customised travel expos and events at your club premises, for example a cruise or adventure tour expo. Travel events are great because they not only bring club members together to have fun and learn something of interest; they operate as a key fundraising drive for the club.


If you would like to know more about Echuca Travel Bank, please contact Alex Rickards on (03) 5482 2177 or email